Children Programs & Swim Lessons



Family Exploration (4-23 months)

Water Orientation (12-24 months)

A Starting Point (2 years-5 years)

Begin your journey

Early Childhood-1st Grade


Early Starters  (2-6 years)

Adding Distance (3-6 years)

Starting Technique (3-7 years)

Explore the wATERS

School Age & Special Needs


Learn-to-Swim (6-12 years)

Stroke Development (6-12 years)

Competitive Skill Building (10-16 years)

Go beyond the reef

Special nEEDS


A unique swim program for children with physical, social, or cognitive challenges.

A Family of Support (2 years-12 years)

Capture Wonder

Generating excitement in our triad community since 1999

Here at Swim Fanatics, we pride ourselves on our journey over the past 20 years. Today we stand proud to be know as the guru's of everything aquatics right here in our hometown of the Triad of NC. We strive to provide a swim program that everyone (all inclusive) can come to to learn and grow. 

Swim Fanatics has the best team of professionals to give you and your family everything you need to build a successful future in aquatics. We strive for your success! We think you're going to like it here.

aDULT learn-to-swim


Classes for teens and adults to learn-to-swim and strengthen your skills in the water.

A New Passion Arising (17 years-99 years) 

set a new goal

About Swim Fanatics Swim Lessons

We are Leading the Way


Swim Fanatics is the Industry Leader in Swim Instruction in Greensboro/Triad, NC area! Since 1999 we have been catering to the needs of our swimmers and have received recognition several years in a row through Triad Mom's On Main's, Parent Choice Awards! We aim for excellences in everything we do.

Comprehensive Curriculum


Our custom designed Curriculum offers 15 different levels designed to meet the needs of every student. With in each level we include several milestones that each student will work to complete, including swim-roll-swim. We teach all 4 Olympian style approved strokes and 2 lifesaving strokes within our program.

Expert Swim Instruction


Our Swim Instructors are certified technical coaches through USA Swimming & have been properly trained in developmental learning phases of ages & stages established by the American Academy of Pediatrics as our guide. We are Aquatic Experts trained and ready for all levels of swimmers.

Small Class Sizes


Our small class sizes, allow our Swimming Specialists to use Integrative Teaching Techniques to each individual with their class setting. We focus on water adaption and water safety awareness. Each swimmers receives a catered experience to their individual learning needs.

Developmental Learning


Instruction that is based on knowledge of age-related human characteristics that permits general predictions within that range about what activities, materials, interactions, or experiences will be safe, healthy, interesting, achievable, and also challenging to children within our class setting.

Our Focus is on You


Our instructors are passionate about children and swimming! We strive to find only the very best in our community to serve as Swim Fanatics instructors. We provide our swim parents opportunities to reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we welcome open communication.

Policies & Rules for Swim Fanatics

  • All programming payments must be in good standing for your child to participants in any Swim Fanatics Programming.
  • Swim Fanatics does not give refunds for any reason, so choose programming wisely. 
  • A credit will be offered if the participant has a medical letter stating they are not able to participate. This credit is not a refund and will be good for 1 full year towards additional programming.
  • Swim Fanatics will decide if weather is threatening enough to cancel. We will inform all parents by email and provide an alternate date for a make up.
  • All pool closings for inclement weather will be made up on a later date. We will notify you via email regarding those dates. It will be your responsibility to schedule that make up.
  • The pool may close at a moments notice if fecal matter has entered the water. We will do our best to notify you of this situation and offer a make up. You understand that all non-potty trained children must wear rubber pants.
  • Our Holiday schedule is listed under each skill level programming and will be sent to you in your welcome email at the start of our session.
  • Parents must notify Swim Fanatics 24 hours in advance of missed lessons to receive a make up for a missed lessons.
  • Make up lessons are not guaranteed for any missed lesson.
  • No gum, outside food or drink are permitted on the pool deck. Only plastic water bottles will be allowed.
  • Photo notification and opt out options:

"SMILE! Your attendance at programs sponsored by Swim Fanatics may be digitally recorded through photographs or video recordings. These images may be posted on our website, in our newsletter, social media, by local newspapers or ultimately on the World Wide Web. If you do not wish your image to be published, please notify a member of our staff in writing before the program or contact our Executive Director, Anitra Fulton at 336-287-6109. All Swim Fanatics student athletes and participants sign the release to use photos and videos during registration."

When you register for Swim Fanatics Programming, you are agreeing to all terms listed, including the annual registration dues fees below. 

(Registration fees are included in the cost for Summer Camps)




I (SIGN YOUR NAME) the enrolled participant and/or the parent/guardian of the participant (if under age 18 years old) agree and understand that swimming is a HAZARDOUS activity. I recognize that there are risks inherent in the sport of swimming, including but not limited to, paralyzing injuries and death.

The participant/Parent hereby agrees to participate in the Swim Fanatics Swim Club (One Team Enterprises, Inc.) swim team program and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Swim Fanatics Swim Club, it’s instructors, coaches, officers, directors, agents and employees against any liability resulting from any injury that may occur to the participant while participating in Swim Fanatics Swim Club swim lessons program.

The participant also agrees to indemnify UNCG Greensboro, Kaplan Center, Wake Forest University, Sutton Wellbeing Center, AND Park & Recreation, City of Greensboro for any damages incurred arising from any claims, demand, action or cause of action by the participant or their guest.

The participant authorizes any representative of Swim Fanatics Swim Club to have the participant or guest treated in any medical emergency during their participation in Swim Fanatics Swim Club swim lesson program if the parent is not on the premises. 

Further, the participant and/or parent/guardian agrees to pay all costs associated with medical care and transportation for the participant.

I have noted on the form below of any medical/health problems the participant has, of which the staff should be aware.


Fill Out Registration Paperwork & Sign Waiver

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Swim Fanatics Swim Club

Mailing Address Only: 4411 Laurel Run Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410, US

(336) 287-6109

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