Children Programs & Swim Lessons



Family Exploration (4-23 months)

Water Orientation (12-24 months)

A Starting Point (2 years-5 years)

Begin your journey

Early Childhood-1st Grade


Early Starters  (2-6 years)

Adding Distance (3-6 years)

Starting Technique (3-7 years)

Explore the wATERS

School Age Kids


Learn-to-Swim (6-12 years)

Stroke Development (6-12 years)

Competitive Skill Building (10-16 years)

Go beyond the reef



A unique swim program for children with physical, social, or cognitive challenges.

A Family of Support (2 years-12 years)

Capture Wonder

Generating excitement in our triad community since 1999

Here at Swim Fanatics, we pride ourselves on our journey over the past 20 years. Today we stand proud to be know as the guru's of everything aquatics right here in our hometown of the Triad of NC. We strive to provide a swim program that everyone (all inclusive) can come to to learn and grow. 

Swim Fanatics has the best team of professionals to give you and your family everything you need to build a successful future in aquatics. We strive for your success! We think you're going to like it here.

aDULT learn-to-swim


Classes for teens and adults to learn-to-swim and strengthen your skills in the water.

A New Passion Arising (17 years-99 years) 

set a new goal