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Sharks (Must be invited to this group to join or try out)

This program meets for 60 minutes and can have up to 6 swimmers per class. It's a great alternative to swim team for kids that want to work on stroke, endurance & speed without the multi-practice commitment with out the added pressures of competition. 

In the Sharks Class, we will work on proper technique, stroke development, endurance swimming, starts, turns & dives. 


2019-2020 School Year Programs


1 day per week classes, 6 spaces/class

August 25th-May 2nd (Draft Sept-Apr)

Join In anytime throughout the season

$75/month + $65 Annual Registration

Locations & Class Times:

Kaplan Center Pool: 1301 W Gate City Blvd

UNCG Natatorium, Greensboro

Wednesdays 5-6 pm (Anitra)

Sutton Center: 21 Wingate Road

Wake Forest University, 


Contact us with interest


monthly draft information

All programs are scheduled on a year-round schedule and monthly drafts will post the month prior to your lessons each month until you send in a 30 day written notice to discontinue your draft (email contactus@swimfanatics.com, 30 days before your draft is scheduled)

All students will be evaluated monthly for signs of readiness to advance to the next level. Swim Fanatics offers an award ceremony on a monthly basis for these advancements and parents will be notified via email for placement changes and awards!