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A program designed for enjoyment & peace of mind

Children with Challenges Classes (2-12 years old):

Happy Fish Special needs Programming is perfect for any child age 2-12 years that wants to learn to navigate and explore swimming! This class is structured for one parent or caregiver to come and participate in the water as the child’s supportive person. The adult does not need to know how to swim. 

Each class, your child will be working with two of our certified swim lesson specialist.  We will be introducing you to the many ways you can help acclimate your swimmer and adapt the water environment to fit your child’s needs. We are asking families to pay a minimal payment towards these programs.


Summer 2019

Happy Fish (2-12 YEARS)

Windsor Pool: 1601 E Gate City Blvd

Greensboro Parks & Recreation

Saturday Only 1-2 pm with Anitra

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School Year Programming 2019-2020

Happy Fish, COMING SOON!

 School Year Programs, check back to reserve your space. 

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