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Start A New Beginning

Adult Swim Programs are tailored to fit your needs:


-Beginners, First Time Water Orientation & Support

-Intermediates, Learn How to Float & Swim with Movement

-Stroke Development, Breathing & Technique Skill Building

-Parent Water Safety Classes, You are Your Child's Lifeline

-Learn How-to-Teach Swimming, Instructor Training Course

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Redefine Your Limits

Adult Masters Programs kick it up a notch:

-Practice & Learn more

-Get in great shape

-Competitive Team Opportunities

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Adult Programming/Swim Lessons

Adult Learn-to-Swim/Beginners Class

UNCG in Greensboro, NC

Call for Interest 336-287-6109

Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC

Wednesdays 6-6:45 pm

Saturdays 1-1:45 pm

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