Brooke Meadow Residents

Hello Brooke Meadows Residents,

I am thrilled to announce that Swim Fanatics Swim Club will be coming back to teach swimming at your residential pool this summer! 

2019 is sure to be a great summer for all your sweet neighborhood children as they learn to develop and strengthen their swim skills. Swim Fanatics will be offering our program 2 days per week for 5 weeks. We have 2 sessions back-to-back. You must register for each session separately. If you miss a lesson, make ups can be scheduled at one of our 4 Greensboro locations. 

Splish Session:5 weeks x 2 days/week 

June 10-July 18 (no lessons 7/1-7/5) 

Splash Session:5 weeks x 2 days/week 

July 22-August 22

Small Group instruction levels

Waterbugs: Beginner swimmers ages 12 months-24 months (2 per class max)

Ducklings: Beginner swimmers ages 2 years old and older (4 per class max)Little or no experience in a swim lesson environment, cannot swim independent.

Tadpoles: Semi-beginner swimmers ages 3 years old and older (4 per class max)Can swim short distances, around 3-5 feet on their own.

Turtles: Intermediate swimmers ages 4 years old and older (5 per class max)Can swim at least 7 feet without help but may not know how to breath or swim full distance of the pool.

Frogs: Completely independent swimmers ages 5 years old and older (6 per max class) Can swim length of the pool with no assistance & demonstrate rotary breathing.

Cost: For the 5 week session, based on swimming 2 days per week.

Waterbugs $190 

Ducklings, Tadpoles & Turtles:$170


Tuesdays & Thursdays
4-4:30 pm Waterbugs (2 spaces)
4:30-5 pm Ducklings (4 spaces)
5-5:30 pm Tadpoles (4 spaces)
5:30-6 pm Turtles (5 spaces)
6-6:45 pm Frogs (6 spaces) 

Please note: To keep a class open, we must have at least two participants per level to hold the class

Register & Pay for Brooke Meadows Swim Program